Roof Replacement Johns Hopkins Hospital MRI Building

Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Client: Johns Hopkins Hospital
Area: 1,670 SF
Completion: 2010

Removal and replacement of the existing 30 year old inverted roof system. Replaced with new inverted system consisting of 3″ thick poly-iso insulation over a loose laid POLYVINYL-CHLORIDE (PVC) roofing membrane. The project’s scope also included removal and replacement of 19 roof drains, removal and salvage of existing precast coping stones approximately 1,670 linear feet, to install new stainless steel cap flashing. Salvaged coping stones are to be reinstalled with new anchor clips. Existing mechanical equipment curbs and vent pipes to be re-flashed. Existing 2″ thick roof paver to be salvaged and reinstalled Brick veneer on roof side to be re-pointed and power washed. The system included the installation of an interlocking container live green roof system with mature plantings for instant effect. Sustainability: 75% Green Roof