Career Day at Scotchtown Hills Elementary School

For the past two years, Colimore Architects has participated in Scotchtown Hills Elementary School Annual College and Career Day located in Prince Georges County, Maryland. This event provides students with an opportunity to interact with practitioners in various fields in hopes that the exposure will help guide their future career choices. Associate, David Dowell and Intern Architect, Mitchell Pinkney Jr. met with the 2nd and 5th graders at Scotchtown Hills Elementary School to discuss some of the day to day task and responsibilities of an Architect.

The session with the 5th graders included a brief discussion followed by questions and answers and concluding with an interactive space planning design activity where groups of students were able to layout and configure a new school building. A similar presentation was given for the 2nd graders with an interactive activity where they were asked to redesign their current classroom and the response was incredible! Our team makes significant strides to not only produce quality project designs but also educate the younger generations on the importance of our profession and how it can make a monumental impact on the future.

“This is my second year participating in Career Day at Scotchtown. I’m always impressed with questions students ask and fresh bright ideas that they come up with. I look forward to next year’s Career Day.” Associate, David Dowell

“The students showed great enthusiasm and had really creative design solutions. I had a great time at Scotchtown Hills Elementary and enjoyed seeing young minds at work.” Intern Architect, Mitchell Pinkney Jr.